I am a graphic designer, visual storyteller, and brand builder

based in Portland, Oregon.

Marketing & Design

What I enjoy most about working in this field is

the quickly evolving nature of the tools and methodologies. A successful marketer will combine customer insights, data, and creativity to birth ideas that can energize a business.

Person Drawing on Digital Tablet

Video Creation

Working at J. Stout Auctions, I’ve been able to film and edit videos for YouTube, commercials, events, and social media.

KW Young Professionals Network Honolulu

I was commissioned on this project to create a drawing of the Waikiki skyline as a stand-alone piece and a logo design.

Pink Cloud Illustration
Doodle Handdrawn Cloud

Akim Family Memorial

I was hired by this family to draw a heron in flight that could be used in a variety of further family projects such as t-shirts.


Through the years I have created over 30 logos for real estate brokers and their teams.

Olive Branch


I was commissioned by this small business to create their brand's logo.

White Circle Vector

‘Ilima Photos

I was commissioned by this photography company to handle their re-brand after an acquisition of a well-known local company.

Day Trippers

Mushroom Jerky

I helped Opala Foods Inc. design the logo and label for its first snack product.

White Circle Vector

Printed Materials

I have designed many different types of postcards, event posters, brochures, and flyers throughout my career.

Newsletter Graphics

I have helped larger companies and individuals create easy-to-understand, visually striking infographics that fit into a larger newsletter.

Flat Lay of Branding Identity Mock Up

"Brands that realize their customers are human, filled with emotion, driven to transform, and in

need of help truly

do more than sell


they change people."

- Donald Miller

Mary Daily

(808) 391-8952